About Us

Kelson and I love food.

We love to eat it, cook it, make it, grow it, read about it, and (most of all) appreciate it.

I grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. mainly with Chinese food at home.  I found McDonald’s happy meals and Big Macs to be a huge treat along with the occasional family dinner at Sizzler or Chinese restaurants throughout the Bay.

In another part of the city (Bernal Heights), Kelson was telling his kindergarten teacher that his favorite food was vichyssoise.  True story.  I’m not sure if his kindergarten teacher knew how to spell it, but little Kelson knew he loved it.  He grew up with a mix of Grandma’s Chinese home-cooking along with various cuisines made by his Mom.  And like most kids, he also enjoyed the occasional treats of fast food and canned ravioli.

As adults, we expanded in the world of dining and familiarized ourselves with Michelin ratings; lured by restaurants of Jose Garces and Thomas Keller; found ourselves in a generation of “foodies” who love the Food Network and Julia Child.

But what could never be beat was always the home-cooked meal.  The memories of eating with your whole family at the table.  The love and time that goes into cooking.  These are the things that bring us together.  This is the delciousness of life.


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