Day 8 of Kimchi Making…

Day 5 of Kimchi Making…

After much anticipation, we have made the mysterious fermented wonder that is KIMCHI.

By day 5, we popped open the lid and found that our kimchi hadn’t changed that much since day 3 in terms of looks….

After another taste test, we found it was indeed spicy and had the right flavors.  The main problem we found was that it wasn’t that pickled.  Due to my fear of leaving it out for more than 4 days (mold???), I decided it was time to put it in the fridge and hope for the best.

After much speculation and internet reading, I realized I had broken my golden rule.  I did not follow my recipe.  I had left out the fish sauce in the recipe that I was using.

I am not a fan of fish sauce, but did not realize that by leaving it out I was leaving out the added salt (which would help in the pickling process).  Most Vietnamese fish sauce (the most commonly found fish sauce in the supermarket) is mainly a mixture of fermented fish and salt.  What to do?  What to do?

Time to wait and not be rash.  The whole concept with kimchi is that it sits out, gets stinky, and gets better with age.  Therefore, patience is a virtue that may help this process and I would give it a few more days before deciding if this was a failed endeavor or salvageable.

Day 8 of Kimchi Making…

Success!  We made KIMCHI!


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