The journey begins…

To blog or not to blog… whether to share our thoughts, mishaps, and successes related to food to the world or to no one.  That is the question.

And the answer?  To start the food blog.

Social networking created a culture that shares… sometimes too much.  Whether it be the positives of sharing the excitement of a new career or new baby to the negatives of compromising photos or check-ins to every location we are going to, we have normalized the idea of creating a public personality.

The one thing that Kelson and I found we loved to share (and were always comfortable with sharing) was food.  We found ourselves taking pictures of food, going to a list of restaurants in the order of A-Z and documenting that journey, making food that we loved at home (inspired by restaurants or articles), and sharing the tried-and-true recipes.

This is a documentation of our journey.


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